Thursday, 4 January 2018

You need third, fourth eyes to see our performance – APC replies Omisore

The All Progressives Congress(APC) in Osun State has described the claim of Dr. Jide Fatokun, the media adviser to Senator Iyiola Omisore as factually inaccurate and politically nonsensical, saying
Fatokun needs a third and fourth eye to see the party’ performances.

Fatokun had chided the ruling APC for ineptitude and maladministration, accusing that the Rauf-led administration for taking the state 25 years backward as a result of huge loans incurred.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson for the APC in the state, Mr Kunle Oyatomi through a statement on Thursday said the claim, aside being untrue and baseless is totally undignified.

He added that the Fatokun’s claim as acclaimed intelligentsia should be convincingly predicate on facts and not “rantings of an ignoramus”.

“The claim by the said Doctor that no single project has been completed since 2010′, by the Aregbesola-led APC government is intellectual dishonesty bordering on fraud.

“Perhaps, Dr Fatokun needs a third and fourth eyes for enhanced vision to see all the completed roads and bridges, schools, parks and other environment projects that have changed the Osun landscape.

” Dr Fatokun would have been ravaged by some weird form of delusion to have said that it is on record that Aregbesola never won free and fair election in Osun.

“Whose record was the so-called Dr. Fatokun referring to, could he be referring to courts’ records or INEC’s records or the phantom records of his delusional mind.

“If Fatokun and his PDP masters of whatever faction in Osun cannot get empirical evidence so obviously ubiquitous all over the State right, the so called doctor would be incapable of making political statement that could be respected in any way,” the statement opined.

The statement, however called on the people of Osun to ignore such claim, describing it as mere”rantings”.

“In the face of the five constructed bridges, the Nelson Mandela Freedom Park, and the state of the art schools amongst numerous others; for anybody to make that kind of sweeping statement is evidence of intellectual and physical sickness which need medical expert to address”.


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