Monday, 23 October 2017

Horror! Brazilian Couple Murder 8 Months Pregnant Woman and Rip Her Unborn Child Out of Her Stomach (Photos)

Security operatives have apprehended a heartless couple who allegedly murdered a pregnant woman in order to steal her unborn

A 22 year-old-woman and her 18 year-old man have been arrested by the police for the brutal murder of a 20 year-old pregnant woman in order to steal her unborn baby.

The sad incident happened in the state of Amazonas, Brazil, according to a report by documentingreality.

A joint investigation involving civilian police from the municipal districts of Itapiranga and Sao Sebastiao do Uatuma uncovered that the death of 20-year-old, 37 weeks pregnant woman, was committed by 22-year-old Joelma Queila Santana da Silva, and 18-year-old Alex da Silva Carvalho.
                                                      Alex da Silva Carvalho

The results of the investigations show that the couple met the woman when she was on her way to visit a doctor in Itapiranga. The three went to have a drink together in a local cafeteria, where, Joelma put a date rape drug into the woman’s drink, causing her to pass out. The two took the woman to a forest area where they used a knife to open up her belly and remove the fetus. The victim died.
                                              The victim killed by the couple

The motive for the crime, Joelma said that she could not get pregnant but wanted very much to have a child. So she got Alex to participate in the crime.

The body of the woman was found by the residents in the neighborhood of Paz. They contacted the police which lead to the fast and effective investigation with the conclusion. The baby survived and is being treated at the Itapiranga hospital.
                                                The woman after she was killed


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