Monday, 7 August 2017

Anambra massacre: Stop the noise, protect Nigerians – Archbishop Adeleye ‎tells FG

The ArchBishop of Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Diocese of Calabar, Most Rev. Tunde Adeleye has advised Nigerian government to stop all the noise and concentrate efforts towards
protection of citizens.

Reacting to the massacre in Anambra State, the Arch-Bishop who spoke with DAILY POST said “We are not safe; they know that we are not safe, especially for those of us who don’t enjoy the kind of protection they are enjoying; we are not safe and nowhere is safe.”

He said that there were three platforms to look at in the matter.

“Nobody will ever know that people can be massacred during the worship, it is sacrilege, it is not only barbaric, it is sacrilegious, it is wicked, it is demonic that people are worshipping God quietly in the Church and people can just go there and start shooting them at random, it is extremely barbaric”, he fumed.

“It is telling us that nowhere is safe anymore, including the Church, nowhere is safe, it is funny; in those days even in the history of the Church, when you want to capture somebody for slave trade or somebody is to be arrested for any wrong doing, if the person runs into a Church, in our tradition, it is assumed that the person has ran for salvation and has gone to look for coverage.

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“The doors of the Church has never been locked against anybody, it is opened and we think and believe that it is a Holy place, it is secret place, for somebody to abuse that privilege and just go there and start killing people, it shows that nowhere is safe, it shows that the security in this country, to be honest and to be sincere is zero and completely zero”, he emphasized.

The Clergy further said “it shows nobody is secured, nobody is covered, nobody is protected and nobody anywhere can go out to say that he is not vulnerable, it is a failure on the side of this government”.

“Can you imagine that somebody will just shoot an armless person, somebody that is not armed, he has not offended you, he didn’t take your wife, he didn’t take your husband, he didn’t take your land, he didn’t deny you any inheritance, you go and kill somebody that is armless?

“In those days, if you want to fight somebody with a cutlass, you give him a cutlass, you too will hold a cutlass and both of you will fight and they will know who has won, but this one, the person did not carry any equipment and you go and kill the person, it is brutality in the extreme”, the cleric lamented‎.

Source: Daily Post

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