Monday, 8 May 2017

Nigerian lady cries out after a Nigerian surgeon performed “horrible” surgery on her baby daughter

A Nigerian woman has taken to Social Media to seek the help of well meaning Nigerians after her daughter was left with a large awful facial scar just after a head surgery was carried out on her by a
Nigerian doctor.

In Her words:

“Lifeline children hospital surulere did this terrible surgery on my daughter. Please what can I do?

My daughter was diagnosed of Capillary Hemangioma, collection of bad blood cells. It was not malignant, he told me it was a simple procedure.

He even said being a girl, he was going to be reasonable with the cut on the swelling. I signed the consent form only to see the so much damage done.

On my daughter. He never even briefed me or explained how the surgery went, I only saw the extent of the damage when it was opening for dressing..

We got to brief of how the surgery went, he came to use after the surgery, smiled and left, we only saw this during dress..”


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