Sunday, 23 April 2017

Poor Nigerians love drama, EFCC is giving it to them - Bishop Kukah

- Bishop Matthew Kukah has heavily criticised the methods of the EFCC in the anti-corruption war
- The popular Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese said too much drama was not the way
to go

- Kukah also spoke on Buhari's anti-corruption war and its defects during the interview

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Bishop Matthew Kukah, in a recent interview with The Punch, criticized the methods of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption war.

When asked how he would rate the EFCC's performance, read what he said below:

"I wish they were less preoccupied by the politics of the moment. On the whole, I believe that they will continue to do their best. However, 

I wish that there was less drama and theatre. "I wish they would appreciate that it is better to take time, examine information and data, rather than rush to conclusions, and then face the kind of embarrassment about who owns what has been found." 

Over the past month the EFCC has continued to discover hidden cash, which they photograph and share on social media 

On why he thought the EFCC was being too dramatic, he felt they were pandering to the Nigerian populace, saying:

"The poor love drama, but drama is what it is; it entertains but does not resolve any problem. I recall one of my friend’s children who is a big man now. "He was about two years old or so. I was in their house and playing with him when he saw a Maggi advertisement with a pot of delicious (-looking) and steaming soup.

He left me and went to the television screen. "By the time he got there, the advertisement had moved on and he broke into uncontrollable tears because he thought it was real soup.

"All these monies that our sensibilities are being assaulted with, what do they do to us? Are we supposed to salivate or what?

We have been showing armed robbers on television for years. Has it reduced armed robbery?"

He buttressed his point by speaking on the unconfirmed identity of the owner of the apartment in Osborne Towers, where over N13bn cash was uncovered.

"Exactly! That is what I am saying. How can you invite us for your wedding and then you turn around and say you do not know who the bride is?

"They have made themselves quite vulnerable in terms of what people will believe. People will get cynical and ask, ‘Was this planted or what?’ It is not professional at all. And, do we need to be assaulted with all these gory details?

After all, from there, where does the money go to?" Meanwhile, Kantigi Lima, the former commissioner for local government in Niger state, has rejected the N6bn allegedly traced to his company’s accounts by the EFCC. Recall that earlier reported that the EFCC had last week traced N4bn to two fixed deposit accounts belonging to two companies,

Katah Property & Investment Limited and Sadiq Air Travel Agency. Bishop Kukah also spoke on the whistle-blower policy. What do Nigerian celebrities think?

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