Thursday, 19 January 2017

'We Are Still Paying' - MMM Nigeria Pleads with Members Not to Desert The Scheme

MMM Nigeria administrators have begged its participants to have faith in the scheme following recent crisis.
Following the disappointment experienced by most MMM investors who are not able to get their
money, MMM Nigeria administrators have begged their members to exercise patience as it is doing everything possible to match and pay members.

The statement was posted on its Twitter page and reads: "Some of the PH orders matched today. Be patient, we will all be paid. Pls honour your PH pledge or cancel it now b4 it is matched. #MMMPays."

The matched members to Get Help (MMMNigeria on Twitter)

Many of the participants in the scheme have expressed anger after the administrators removed the GH option - it is however believed that the issue has been fixed. Many people have expressed disappointment for their inability to get money they invested.

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