Friday, 25 November 2016

Man Beaten After Offering To Pay For Sex With Boiled Egg

A sex worker in Zimbabwe injured a man with a beer bottle after he allegedly offered to pay for her service with a boiled egg.Moses Mushonga, 28, according approached the lady in the night, Chipo, 23, at the town
of Mvurwi, in Mashonaland province.

He was said to have leaned on her chest and touched her breasts before offering his only possession – a boiled egg.

Mushonga told Chipo that he spent all his money on two boiled eggs and he had already eaten one.

This didn’t go well with the lady as she flew into a rage, hit him with a beer bottle, punched him in the face, before knocking him out.

zimbabwe sex worker boiled egg

Mushonga who was bleeding heavily told journalists that Chipo should not have beaten him up as “she could have just said no.”

The woman wasn’t charged. She said she wanted to teach him a lesson about respect.

Zimbabwe is facing an economic crisis.

Reports from the country claim that sex workers have reduced their prices to 0.8 Zimbabwe dollars, an equivalent to half a loaf of bread.

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