Thursday, 17 November 2016

HIV positive man who initiated 104 women with sex gets court verdict Friday

An HIV-positive Malawian man, Eric Aniva, who was arrested after he confessed to raping girls and women as part of sexual cleansing rituals in Malawi, will appear in court on Friday for his expected

Aniva was taken into custody in southern Nsanje district after President Peter Mutharika ordered his arrest in July.

In his confession in an interview with BBC, the notorious sex worker claimed he had sex with 104 women and girls as part of an ‘initiation ritual,’ despite being HIV positive.

He had confessed that most of those he had sex with were girls, school-girls, and other just about 12 or 13 years old. He said he preferred them older, adding that he had sex with newly bereaved widows as part of the ‘cleansing ritual.’

After his arrest, none of the girls he assaulted came forward to testify against him until two women provided evidences during his trial.

Aniva who is also being charged with having sex with bereaved widows, which is outlawed under Malawi’s Gender Equality Act, will know his faith on Friday, November 18.

If he is convicted, he would face possible jail terms, Nyasa Times‎ reports.

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