Sunday, 18 September 2016


I just realized that the
hardship faced by many Nigerians is simply as a result of the fact that almost everyone of us benefited from
the cycle of corruption.

The bricklayer, plumber, labourers, tiler are all
complaining because building construction has slowed down massively cause the thieves no longer have money to spend on real estate. 

The car dealers are
grumbling because their cars are begging for buyers.
Thieves can no longer spend wastefully. 

The private school owners are shouting because parents can no longer pay outrageous sums and are withdrawing their wards. 

I was shocked when I learnt that in a popular private University in Abuja, parents are writing undertaking at the account section for their children to be allowed to write exams... and it goes on and on.

The fact is, a lot of people are returning to what
someone referred to as ''default mode''.

We mostly have been living above our REAL MEANS.

We have been staying in houses that ordinarily our
incomes can't afford. 

Our children going to schools we can't afford. Driving cars we ordinarily can't maintain.

We have been living a FAKE LIFE all along.

Now the reality is before us and we don't want to accept it. 

This shows how morally bankrupt we are.

You can't eat your Cake and have it. TAKE NOTE.........

You got billions from bank without collateral using your political influence. 

You put half into your business and spent the other half on exotic cars, jewelries' etc.

Your business employs 100 people normally. You get illegal waivers and concessions to import raw materials at rock bottom prices, you get over inflated contract to supply government some goods your company produce....

in short your company is kept afloat by corruption.

You have been paying Tithes, Sowing Seeds that includes money from corruption and inflated contracts.

Now, the new Sherriff in town say NO more ridiculous waiver, NO more inflated contracts, NO more bank loans without collateral, in fact its time you or your company pay off the billions of debt owed.....

AMCON takes over your company, staff are laid off......

And you go on air and say the new sheriff is killing business and causing unemployment..

The truth and your company were never in business, you were only feeding off the corrupt system.

Too many companies and banks are funded by corruption.

Remove corruption from the system and they collapse.......and we end up blaming the person that remove corruption for the collapse of the corrupt company.

Its like our system and corruption are so interwoven and un-separatable twins, that, removing one will kill the other. 

Maybe we should tolerate and learn to live with corruption so that Nigeria can survive? 

But count me out of the BRING BACK OUR CORRUPTION campaign by . 

Blessed are the few incorruptible and hardworking Nigerians, for they shall be rewarded by the new emerging Nigeria.

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