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Hard times make prostitutes vary price across Nigerian states

Without prejudice, Nigeria’s prostitutes and call girls are silently among the worst hit in the economic slump facing the country. Their trade has responded negatively to the unpalatable situation, Though, it is a case of different strokes for different folks, yet, it
is still the worst case scenario whichever way it is viewed.

According to enthusiasts of commercial sex, prices have become bastardized while the trade is unavoidably and treacherously unequal. With the exception of Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Delta and Port Harcourt, it is tale of woes for ladies in the business of giving pleasure across the country. And for the aforementioned places; it is bad period for pleasure seeking men. Reasons for the above situations are not far-fetched. 

In Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Delta and Port Harcourt, the ‘price of pleasure’ has gone up astronomically and the resulting burden falls on the shoulders of gentlemen patronizing these alleged sweet saints, hence reasons for men’s bitter grumbling. Tijani Ahmed from Abuja summarily captures the mood in the pleasure seeking camp. According to this amicable gentleman, the game has changed because prices have skyrocketed. “My brother, the game has really changed for us here in Kubwa,” he says. 

“The price you hear these days would make you want to burst into tears. Imagine a lady without the necessary documents in the front area billing you #10, 000 for one round of sex that normally goes for #5000. Don’t you see that we are in real trouble here in Abuja? And don’t forget that this neighbourhood is not even in the big league. If such a girl can bill such amount of money, how do we survive if we desire something more fleshy and in some of the nicer areas?” he lamented. 

Also, lamenting the ugly situation pleasure seeking men have found themselves under the present economic situation is Agbede John, a pleasure seeker from Ikotun area of Lagos state narrated his recent experience. According to him, “I picked a nice lady from Aso Rock bar and we got talking. I bought her some drinks and two plates of pepper soup. 

After that, I asked her to follow me to a room I had already booked for. She said we should discuss price but I think the drinks I took must have meddled with brain because I waved her off and told her I was a veteran in the business and won’t short change her. She followed me and after everything, I gave her #5000 but she rejected it out-rightly. 

I was surprised with her action. The money was the generally accepted price for such ‘quickie’ so naturally, I was angry with her and that was a terrible mistake on my part. Before I knew what was happening, she had locked up my shirt, demanding for #10k. “I thought she had actually gone crazy when I heard that price. Anyway, it got out of hand that it attracted other people and my brain cleared. 

When we both narrated our side of the story, the blame was laid squarely on me. The girls around asked me if the price of rice and other commodities were still the same as usual. They insisted that I must be a wicked man to assume that price of sex would still stay as it was. Eventually, I was asked to pay her if I don’t want to be stripped naked. 

The funny part of it was that guys around there didn’t even say a good word in my defense. Anyway, by and large, we settled for #8000 which I bitterly paid before I left the scene”, he said. From Ajah to Ikeja and even to Ajegunle, price of commercial sex has gone up. And among the primary prostitutes that stay in brothels and motels, the story is also the same. In fact, in some of their cases, it is even worse as men now prefer services of old and abandoned prostitutes who are no longer in the position to demand premium rates for the gratification of their sexual calling. 

Speaking on the alleged gloomy situation, Baby, a commercial sex worker plying her trade at Empire in Ojuelegba area of Lagos state about the negative effect the present economic recession is having on Nigeria’s sex and pleasure trade. According to the vocal and self-styled professional sex machine, she said, “Ha bros, me I be machine for sex o. 

I be confam professional. You fit pay and test the machine before you commot here. No be this beer and P soup wey you buy o. Pay Kudi, pay ego. (Laughs as she was interrupted by the reporter). Anyway, the business is not that lucrative presently. Before, I used to go to bank and deposit money every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but nowadays, it is even difficult for me to deposit once a week. 

Living expenses have gone up and the most annoying thing is that men are not even coming as usual and those that are coming will even come and accuse you of increasing price arbitrarily and follow all those old ‘ashawo’ that should have died long ago. The thing dey vex me seriously bros journalist,” she purred in pidgin English. 

On the other hand, in sharp contrast to the fortune of sex workers plying their trade in Lagos and other aforementioned highbrow locations, those in states like Oyo, Osun, Enugu, Benue, Ondo, Kwara, Kogi etc. are really finding it difficult. Prices of sex work have gone down drastically relative to the purchasing power of men of these states. Olatade, a barman with 1759, a popular joint in Akure, the state capital of Ondo state captured the mood of the time when he disclosed to that the situation was very precarious at the moment. 

He said, “Egbon, don’t let me deceive you, the situation is very bad now. With #1000, you will enjoy yourself here. Money is scarce now. Girls are even coming all the way from Ado, Ife, Osun, to get customers but no show. There is no money in circulation. The price has crashed. It is really a terrible situation now”, he declared. 

He also narrated an incident to buttress his assertion. “You see that girl in green shirt over there”, he discreetly indicated, “one of my guys who came in from Lagos last year wanted a girl badly for the night, so he approached her. Did you know that, that chick insisted on a minimum of 10k? My guy was even begging her to take 8k but this babe refused. 

She was even angry that the soap she used in bathing that day must have been jinxed, that if not so, why should my friend even come and priced her for 10k. Now, we can perform one experiment right now, go and price her and see if she will not accept 2k for the night? I swear, she will follow you”, he insisted. 

Investigations have shown that the stories narrated above mirror the tough situation presently being faced by sex workers in places known as civil servants and other high profile states. But if the maxim ‘hard times are not forever, happy days will come again’ is indeed true, then sex workers can rest on the assurance that they will one day have their smiling times back again.

Source: NAIJ

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