Monday, 15 August 2016

Corpse buried in 2002 exhumed freshly in Lagos

A Facebook user, Bamswaga Guru Adebambo, has shared photo of a woman who was allegedly buried 14 years ago and when her corpse was exhumed recently, her body was met the exact way it was buried in 2002. Adebambo wrote on his
Facebook page that the road construction going on in Epe area of Lagos necessitated the exhuming of the body… but the people got a shock of their life! Instead of seeing a skeleton, they exhumed a full flesh body, just the way it was buried freshly. 

 ”Can someone shout a BIG ALLAHU AKBAR.A woman that died for abt 14 years back.And has been berried. they nw went to uproot it,due to the road construction that is going on at epe,unfortunately they met it as it was berried right from year 2002 to now 2016.ALLAHU AKBAR”

Credits: NAIJ

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