Saturday, 13 August 2016

9 undoubtable signs that shows you are an amebo!

There is no point denying the fact that every society has people who are talented when it comes to spreading gist. They know what is going on in other people’s lives and at what time it goes down. Bringing it down to neighborhoods, we are so
sure you know one or two people who have affinity for other people’s gist and make it their sole business to see to your affairs.

In Nigeria, there are different names for people who cannot mind their business; they simply cannot keep calm when something hot is happening in the street. They lose their cool and become naturally bothered when they cannot get wind of certain situations. Names like ‘Amebo’, ‘Olofofo’, and ‘Aproko’ come into play when you want to describe people that like putting their noses in other people’s business. So now, let us talk about you. Yes, you! Some people do not know they have the tendency to do ‘Aproko’ because they do not see themselves in that light.

They feel like it is their right to be know what is happening in the environment and make other people’s affairs their own affairs. When the word ‘Amebo’ is aired, most people’s minds wander to village girls who gather to gossip in groups. By now, you should know that there are learned people in the environment who are Amebos; they have found all sorts of names for the things they do and use the word ‘awareness’ to justify their actions when they are caught doing it.

Find below some of the unmistakable signs that says you are an Amebo:

1. When you ask about someone in order to know what they are up to

So many people in the society do this; they ask after other people not because they are concerned about their well-being. They basically want to know what those people are up to and who they are seeing at that point in time. If this is what you have in mind most times you ask after people, then you are definitely an Amebo.

2. When you run to the window when you hear sounds outside

If you do this a lot, then there is no point trying to deny you are not an Amebo. There are people like this who cannot sit in a place when they hear sounds, they want to know who is opening the gate, those giggling at the corner and by default, know the people eyeing each other in the compound. If this is you, continue ooo.

3. When people call you an amebo to your face

What other confirmation do you need? People around you must have seen your potentials when it comes to knowing things that are happening in the street. And when they confront you with it, you are no longer angry; you simply tell them it is gist. Your matter no be here o.

4. When you put mouth when people are talking

At this point, your skills in doing aproko have definitely improved. You do not even know when to keep quiet and tap other people’s gist without making them know you know what they are talking about. When you find yourself adding salt and maggi to other people’s stories, then this amebo have eaten deep into your skin. We only hope they do not pour ashes on you someday.

5. When you cling to people just to hear things

Due to the fact that you cannot stay alone and mind your business, you will always find a way of knowing who does what and at what time it is done. If this means talking to someone you do not like on a normal day, then you would do it. If this is your habit, then you do not need to be told you are an amebo.

6. When you are angry about not knowing what is going on

Some people get so frustrated when they cannot get hold of the happening things in the compound. They become bothered when they see people talking in codes and they cannot decipher the codes. If you are like this too, then we do not know what you are so uptight and angry about. You are an amebo.

7. When you act like you have not heard a gist before just to hear more

At this point, we give up. When you can pretend and act like you have not heard a gist before even though you know it is stale news, then you have been an amebo since 1905. If you do this in order to hear more details and confirm your facts, then you are something else.

8. When you are angry because there are privacy policies on social medias

If you become angry because you do not have access to view other people’s profiles and pictures on social media then you are an amebo. This is because you enjoy looking through their pictures and walls to know what they have been doing in case you stumble on some big news.

 9. When you peep at other people’s phones

And we do not like this part! If you are part of the people who look at people’s phones in the bus when they are sending messages, then you are no doubt an amebo. What intrigues us here is the face that you may not know the owner of the phone or the people the owner is chatting with, but you would always want to know because you like aproko.

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