Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Which President should get the credit for the Abuja-Kaduna railway?

The Abuja-Kaduna standard gauge railway was opened for business by President Buhari and other government officials today in Abuja, and they took a ride to Kaduna to commemorate it. While that was on however, Nigerian Twitter was
busy debating about who should take credit for the achievement.

Abuja-Kaduna rail project.
OBJ- Inconclusive
UMY- Renegotiated
GEJ- Inconclusive
PMB- Concluded and Commissioned

The GEJ camp insisted that the former president deserved the bulk of the credit, and should even have been invited to the ceremony and given some of the credit in order to build bridges. Buhari supporters for their part also insisted that the praise should go the person who actually completed the project, given how many of our projects end up abandoned.

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