Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Group Tasks Federal Government On Education, Dialogue To End Terror

The Centre for Cultural and Religious Rights (CECCUR), on Monday asked the Federal Government to reappraise its military approach to the fight against terror and other insecurity challenges facing

In a statement issued in Lagos, the group said that legislations and military actions would not solve the security problems “because the issues involved are linked to deeply seated sentiments of the people which vary proportionally to their beliefs, ethnic or political divide.”

It therefore called on the government to explore education, dialogue as well as promotion of tolerance and unity in dealing with the situation.

Debo Adeniran, National Coordinator of the group, who gave the charge, traced the various insecurity problems facing the country to hatred, intolerance, over-zealousness, and ego added with identity issues.

“From the Boko Haram killings to the massacres by Fulani herdsmen in Ajatu and Nimbo community in Benue and Enugu States respectively, the beheading of a 75-year-old woman in Kano and the recent hacking to death of Evangelist Eunice Olawale, who was murdered on Saturday July 19 while preaching, the inhumanness and barbarism represented in the endless list of killings and the manner human lives have been wasted in all the tales of woe is beyond rational comprehension in a world that has supposedly passed through the ages of barbarism, savagery and have opted for civilization.

“At the background of these sad killings are hatred, intolerance, over-zealousness, and ego added with identity issues. The killings are so condemnable…This is why as a people and country, it is imperative to collectively confront the situations that portray us like animals, as we know even ‘dogs don’t eat dogs’,” Adeniran said.

He noted that education, dialogue as well as promotion of tolerance and unity were important because “it takes an ignorant mind to kill over tolerable situations, dialogue because all ‘war-wars’ achieve nothing without ‘jaw-jaw’, tolerance and peace because no matter what, there is only one humanity. Moreover, human life is supposed to be sacred,’ he added.

Adeniran further stated that “the incessant killings, the hatred and seeming national disunity are linkable to the undying National question…

“The government must address these killings wholesomely; it must first put in everything it takes to protect lives and property, then it must address the varied grievances of the people from the perspective of understanding their strong sentiments rather than derogating them.

“The government must emphasise the secular status of Nigeria rather than tacit approval for a particular religion or other; governance must be detribalised, culture must stop being handled as a monolith.

Let us all shun and eschew ethnic, religious and politico-economic intolerance; promote unity, transparency and Nationalism,” he said.

Chukwudi Nweje


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