Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Terror threats: Presidency begins search of vehicles with tinted glasses

The Presidency has announced new measures to forestall terror attacks on the Presidential Villa, Abuja.The Chief Security Officer (CSO) to President Muhammadu Buhari, B Abubakar, in a circular dated January 26, 2016 with Reference number
C-in-C/CSO/LTU/558 directed all tinted cars and other vehicles to be thoroughly searched.

The circular titled; ‘Use of tinted cars around the Presidential Villa, Abuja’ reads: “It has been observed that some staff of the Presidential Villa driving tinted cars, especially security personnel are in the habit of refusing to wind down their windscreen for security checks before driving into the villa.

“It is most worrisome that some of them used the excuse of either driving official cars or driving VIPs to justify their acts.

“This act which is not in tandem with standard security drill and procedure poses serious threat to the safety and security of the Villa.

“It is important to note that the insistence of security operatives at the pilot gates to properly screen vehicles coming into the villa whether tinted or not tinted, official or unofficial is not out of place.

“Therefore, there is need for all to subject themselves and their vehicles to security checks as the case may be, so as to prevent unscrupulous elements from exploring the situation to launch attacks on the Villa.

“More so, that most of the major attacks by terrorists groups on high profile targets around the world are being carried out using hijacked vehicles or vehicles with tinted glasses.”


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