Friday, 12 February 2016

I Built Aso Rock, Who Is The Landlord You Pay Rent To?-IBB To Buhari

Former head of state, Ibrahim Babangida, has lend his voice to the criticism currently accompanying the 2016 national budget that was presented to the National Assembly last year December by President Muhammadu

The former president in his reaction to the ongoing criticism trailing the alleged payment of rent in the Aso Rock, requested to know who the landlord is.

He also advised the country’s politicians, saying: “I strongly believe our Politicians are well fed. The Aso Rock food budget should be reviewed. Aso Rock is not a place to feed Politicians.”

“I built Aso Rock and I wonder who the current Landlord is. I read a certain N22M for the payment of Aso Rock rent. Rent to who, Me or GEJ?

Former head of state, Ibrahim Babangida asked who the current landlord of Aso Rock is.
Buhari, who hammered so hard on the economic challenges facing the country following the sudden fall in crude oil prices, assured Nigerians that the budget would mitigate the effect of the unbelievable reality.

The president also promised that the budget would cut waste from government spending while its funds would be directed to public good.

But, the recent breakdown of the budget, especially the allocations made to the Aso Rock villa, ignited furious reaction from Nigerians who took to a micro blogging site (Twitter) to inquire for answers that are still in the pipeline. Some described the budget as a collection of fraudulent and frivolous allocations aimed at sustaining the flamboyant lifestyle of public officials.

The general renovation of Aso Rock guest house alone was proposed to cost N387,980,200, while furnishing the rooms in the guest house would gulp the sum of N45million. Nobody knows when the former furniture in the guest house was bought and why they should be changed now.

Source: NAIJ

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