Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Prostitutes Force Customers To Drink Toilet Water In Delta For Refusing To Pay

Prostitutes in Delta State have taken to punishing their customers by beating them mercilessly and forcing them to drink toilet water if they refuse to pay the new increased charges. Last Saturday evening in Asaba, they sent out the warning to their
customers and forced some of their customers to drink after the men claimed ignorance of the new charges which angered the commercial sex workers. A round of sex that went for N1,000 was said to now cost N2,000 while a customer is charged N8,000 for a full night instead of the usual N5,000.

“They agreed to pay us 8,000 nairas each and we took them in, after using us, the following morning they were giving us 4,000 nairas as against our bargain and we decided to attack them and beat them mercilessly because we know what brought us to this brothel.” said sex worker, Anabel Onweh.

By the time the police arrived at the scene, hey found that the men had been left with their clothes torn and had been forced to drink toilet water. The women told the police that the customers had refused to pay, and the matter was resolved their own way.


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