Thursday, 14 January 2016

Anti-corruption War: 4 Reasons Why Buhari Should Confirm Magu As EFCC Chairman Immediately

Ever since Ibrahim Magu replaced Ibrahim Lamorde as the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, in an acting capacity, a whole lot of changes has met the anti-corruption agency. In Magu’s short stay in office, a lot of looters have
been exposed and brought in for questioning while a couple of them are already undergoing trial. In light of this, there have been calls from some Nigerians that President Buhari should confirm Magu as EFCC Chairman for good. Here are a few points put together by INFORMATION NIGERIA that says these agitation is in the best interest of the anti-graft war Buhari promised Nigerians he would undertake…

– Magu’s antecedents shows he’s fearless (a quality anyone who would fight corruption needs): Reports have surfaced that he prosecuted and charged to court the likes of Ayodele Fayose, the ever talking current Governor of Ekiti state. He was also reported to have led the investigation of Sen. Joshua Dariye, the former governor of Plateau state. The prosecution of his former boss, Inspector General of Police Tafa Balogun was equally carried out by Magu. The fearless Magu also has several other high profile cases under his belt, including James Ibori’s.

– A lot of prominent Nigerians who have come across him have attested to his unflinching integrity. No one (at least so far) has said otherwise. A lot of people have attested to the fact he has been a no-nonsense official of the EFCC since he joined. All these qualities are very valuable qualities of anyone who wants to fight corruption and win.

– During his inaugural address, Magu made it very clear that it will no longer be business as usual and recent happenings have given credence to the statement. All thanks to his leadership at EFCC, top Nigerians will be having their days in court to defend corruption charges brought against them by the anti-graft commission.

– Requisite credentials: Magu has a graduate certificate in corruption studies from the University of Hong Kong, a masters degree in law enforcement and criminal justice from ABU Zaria. He has also attended anti-money-laundering courses with the FBI. Magu also took combating the financing of terrorism courses with the US Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security.

Don’t you think he’s good for the job???


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